Additional Contamination Protection

I wonder if anyone has ever used additional contamination protection for an H420. Maybe putting it in a rad bag. I am hoping to take some images of large, very contaminated objects in very contaminated, very radioactive area with some airborne contamination. I know that the instrument is designed for easy decon, but the fan worries me. Actually everything worries me, considering the cost.

I am hoping that if I can keep my entries reasonably short, and use a fairly large bag, I will be OK.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Chris McGrath

We have used Glad Stretch and Seal around everything but the lens, and a paper mask over the filter. Also a tool lanyard can be used to suspend it from a handrail or I-beam, keeping it above the more contaminated surfaces.

Thanks Chris for the good question. We have had other customers bag their H Series instruments for a variety of applications. If then environment isn’t too hot, then it shouldn’t be a problem for it to be bagged as the greatest risk is for the system to slowly heat up the air in the bag and then overheat and shut down before you finish your measurements. My recollection is that another user had that happen to them once but it took several hours to overheat the system and their ambient temperature was quite warm. It was also an older version of the system and newer versions should be less suscepticle to this problem. So I think you should be good and the larger the bag the more time you should theoretically have before the air warms up and causes any problems.