How does H3D calibrate their systems?

Upon purchase of an H3D system, the system is fully calibrated and ready to use. A certificate of calibration comes with the original shipment, as well as with any successive calibrations done by H3D. We recommend an annual gain-drift calibration for our systems, but it is not required maintenance and can be done by the user with check sources and the web interface. If you have calibration questions, ask them here!

Hi Mark. We have 2 H420, the first one is from 2018 so we were wondering if we should sent him back to H3D for the re-calibration. Is there a way to evaluate it by ourself? Moreover, I understand it would be possible to calibrate it without sending it back to H3D.

Great question! You can perform a calibration check on your system by following these steps:

  1. Turn the system off and let it fully start up.
  2. Place a check source within 1 foot of the detector.
  3. Look at the isotope identification on the energy spectrum and verify it matches the check source used.

If this check is successful, the system is calibrated. If the check is unsuccessful, repeat the check with a different isotope and note results. Contact H3D if this check is also unsuccessful!

There is a way to calibrate your system yourself, which is detailed in the H series manual. The procedure is called a Quick Calibration, which adjusts the gain-drift calibration and resets the calibration parameters back to factory level.

Let us know if you have any other questions about calibration!

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