Remote Monitoring Software (RMS)

H3D offers Remote Monitoring Software (RMS) as a software and hardware product combination that enables accurate, real-time monitoring of radioactive sources within objects of interest. RMS is compatible with the H3D S series and P100S systems. RMS can be used with these H3D detectors for monitoring contamination in pipes, looking at radiation in main chemistry sample lines to understand fuel cycle isotopic trends, and other relevant applications.

RMS works with the high-resolution gamma spectrometry of a deployed CZT fleet to produce accurate real-time data for isotope activity as quickly as every minute. While using RMS, detectors can be placed in various locations throughout a facility and communicate to the server via Ethernet or radio. The RMS server can be installed directly at your facility, or H3D can provide a standalone server that you can choose to connect to your network or not. Installation and setup is highly configurable to best suit your needs.

RMS was used at Palisades to monitor Ag-110m levels and compare to plant chemistry. Checkout the results here:

H3D will be posting more information about RMS as well as specifications on our website soon, so stay tuned for more updates! If you have questions in the meantime, feel free to ask them here.