The H3D P Series

The H3D P series is a collimated directional gamma-ray spectrometer. The P100 and P100S were developed to localize and quantify gamma-ray sources in the presence of strong gamma-ray sources.

Collimated Detector
The P Series has a tungsten collimator to help focus on the source of interest, with the same imaging and spectral performace of the H100.

Waste Characterization
One of the main applications of the P Series is waste characterization. The P series is capable of quantitative analysis of radiation in pipes and ducts.

The P100S is a spectrometer-only model of the P series. The P100 is capable of producing radiation images.

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A key attribute of the P series is the tungsten plug included with its purchase. If you are operating in an environment with very high count rates, with high background or if you just want the best quantitative performance, you can use the tungsten plug to improve the quantification of the source directly in front of the P series.

This process involves taking two measurements, one with the tungsten plug inserted and one with it removed. The measurement with the plug removed will capture both the source of interest and the background environment through the collimator. The measurement with the tungsten plug inserted will effectively shield the source of interest, but still capture the environment through the shield identical to the measurement with the plug removed.

Once each measurement is taken, Visualizer post-processing software can be used to quantitatively determine the difference between the two measurements, resulting in the activity of the source of interest in front of the detector with the background subtracted.

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